Artificial intelligence applied to various field

In the spring of 2016, all eyes were on a Go match between Lee Se-dol, the world-class professional Go player, and AlphaGo, an artificial intelligence.

The world was nervous enough by the showdown itself, for it was pitting a human being against artificial intelligence in Go, a game that requires intense brain power. So imagine its shock when AlphaGo actually won by a wide margin.

The sight of a Go player losing to artificial intelligence was a reminder of the true power of artificial intelligence, which is rapidy becoming a reality.

After the match, which was dubbed “the AlphaGo shock,” the public’s interest in artificial intelligence soared.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a computer-based technology that emulates the intellectual powers of human beings. AI studies began some 70 years ago, and the technology has become an important part of our lives much quicker than expected.

PROJECT-K takes a look at various forms of AI that are already hard at work in the medical, art, and healthcare sectors, including Korean AI “Exobrain” and “ADAM,” the intelligent disaster-response robot “Hubo,” an AI robot “Silbot” that prevents dementia, and an AI-based scheduling application for mobile devices. We shed light on the future to be ushered in by artificial intelligence.

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