Big Data and AI in Healthcare: Dell EMC Healthcare Think Tank 2017

This year’s “think tank” event focused on the digital transformation of healthcare IT (#TransformHIT). It was an exciting time to be in the healthcare market with so many new technologies and innovations to help address modern-day challenges facing healthcare professionals today.

As we advance through this world of digital transformation, things are going to be very different. Technology is going to be inherent in every part of healthcare and life sciences.

There were three hot topics facing the healthcare industry today:
o Consumerism in Healthcare
o Precision Medicine
o Big Data and AI in Healthcare

2017 Healthcare Think Tank Session-1: Tranforming HIT and Consumerism in Healthcare

Dell EMC Healthcare Think Tank 2017 hosted many experts, who shared insights on the biggest things helping to transform HIT today.

2017 Healthcare Think Tank Session-2 on Precision Medicine

At DellEMC 2017 Healthcare Think Tank Session-2, healthcare experts discuss and debate on how to use information technology to deploy precision medicine.

2017 Healthcare Think Tank Session 3: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

At 2017 DellEMC Healthcare Think Tank Session-3, a group of healthcare experts discuss and debate on how to exploit the cutting edge technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to transform the healthcare sector.

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