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Heart or Brain?

Let’s not forget that the standing heart can be restarted, but there is no such a chance when brain death occurs. In short, the result is: The boss is the brain. Period… If you ask why, here the answer is:

Who is the most important, powerful, effective, “indispensable” our final decision maker for life? In short, Who is our boss? Heart or Brain?

One of the seekers who is attempting to find the answer the question (Emo Phillips), responded to this question: “I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body. Then I realized who was telling me this.”

The brain manages how we live in our life, how we structure it, what we will produce from it, how we fill our life basket and how we will decorate our tree of life. In short, The brain is managing our feelings and thoughts, our choices, our way of life.


Death is not a process of “Cardiac Arrest”, but a process that begins with “the brain being disabled”. We shouldn’t forget that a standing heart can be restarted, but we do not have a chance when brain death occurs. The bottom line is: Boss is the brain. Period..


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