How Can Artificial Intelligence Replace High Paying Jobs? Kai Fu Lee

From voice-powered personal assistants like Siri to self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI) is affecting the way we live, work and entertain. Even when people take a selfie, some apps will use AI to determine how to make them appear more beautiful. So how far is AI from becoming an indispensable part of our lives?

To answer that question, CGTN’s host Tian Wei spoke to AI Expert Kai-Fu Lee, founder of Sinovation Venture, and a strong advocate of AI. Over the past few decades, he has been the China CEO of Google and an independent venture capitalist. But he has also dovetailed his career with sporadic work in the field of artificial intelligence, mentoring young entrepreneurs, and maintaining a social media presence of over 50-million followers in China alone. Here he explains how AI has influenced his ongoing projects.

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