Mark Zuckerberg’s AI is ON.

Would you like your curtains to open automatically in the morning as soon as you wake up? And also your toast ready and be given brief information about what you need to do today?

May be this is pipe dream for most of us. But Mark Zuckerberg has fullfilled this dream by AI callled Jarvis.

Jarvis is similar to Amazon’s Alexa: activated by voice and able to control household devices.

Mark Zuckerberg announced at the beginning of this year that he would create an artificial intelligence like Jarvis, the computer operating system of the Iron Man series, which would make his life even easier.

He announced at the end of 2016, he completed his personal challenge to build a Jarvis-style Artificial Intelligence to run his home. This AI is able to control his home, including his lights, temperature, appliances, music and security.


Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis uses several artificial intelligence techniques, including natural language processing, speech recognition, face recognition, and reinforcement learning. He is so optimistic about AI bots’future.

“I have always been optimistic about AI bots, but my experience with Jarvis has made me even more optimistic that we’ll all communicate with bots like Jarvis in the future.” Zuckerberg says.

This AI system, which supports different languages, uses face recognition to identify the person who is standing at the door. Mark Zuckerberg chose Morgan Freeman for the voice of Jarvis.

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