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Preparing for the Robot-Proof Jobs in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In past decades, technology has replaced many routine tasks with automation. Now AI and robotics are enabling computers to do more complex work and white-collar jobs that were previously the sole domain of humans. In addition, cloud, social media, and mobility make many “gig economy” workers as effective as full time employees.

What will the future of work look like? How will automation augment or replace current jobs? How should CIOs and other leaders prepare their organizations for the changes to come? In a fast-paced exchange of ideas, our panel of experts will discuss these questions and more.

George Westerman, Principal Research Scientist, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy moderated the panel, including:

Mona Vernon, SM ‘11, VP, Thomson Reuters Labs
Cynthia Nustad, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer, Health Management Systems
Ernest Ng, Senior Director of Employee Success Strategy and People Analytics, Salesforce
David Neitz, CIO, CDM Smith

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