The house that rewires the brain

In a time of a worldwide epidemic of depression, brutal assassinations and attacks on our freedom, huge problems with global warming, plastic pollution everywhere, in a time that we need formidable solutions, in such a time we have some beautiful opportunities at hand by which we can make a difference and create a better world. And those opportunities come from 4 simple but slightly surprising facts.

Bernard Maarsingh as a psychologist and Berit Ann Roos as an architect will introduce the basic ideas and will in succession focus on their own fields of expertise, inner life and outer world.

Maarsingh runs a large practice with several psychologists and coaches, and has a nose for innovations. Berit Ann Roos designs buildings, based on human values and co- creation. She creates space by offering new perspectives to people in organizations. She is constantly looking for new possibilities, goes beyond the obvious, and is open to the unexpected.

“I’m a psychologist and I’ve been studying psychology for more than 30 years now and in those years I stumbled upon an enormous mismatch on how we usually think about our brains and how that amazing beautiful brain is actually working. On this specific moment in time while you sit here, your brain is changing with an enormous velocity. On this moment, you make yourselves in your head more than thousand new connections each second. So you’re changing at this moment while you’re listening to this little speech.”

“Look at the brain that we usually have that is the brain with hardware and software and with a hard disk to keep our memories on that’s not too little it’s ever-changing and the sad fact is that we don’t use that knowledge we don’t use that knowledge and so I had this simple idea: “why not start to make the house that rewires the brain!”

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