“Westworld” is a gorgeous and occasionally captivating treat, yet it’s wrapped up in a story that is astringent and sterile. Its creators, Jonathan Newton and Lisa Joy, have touted “Westworld’s” philosophical bent as a selling point — exploring, per Joy’s description of the show, “what it means to be human, from the outside in. . . . It’s a meditation on consciousness — the blessing and the burden of it.”

In other words, class, “Westworld” is a big, fat homework assignment. The only fun here, if you can call it that, might be watching HBO burn some serious moola.

  • “At first glance, it is pure, slick sci-fi: thought-provoking on the subject of human nature and technology; also weird and gloomy, but certainly interesting.” 
    Hank Stuever: The Washington Post
  • “‘Westworld’ looks terrific; its directors have shot its Western locations to stunning effect. But its (…) outdoor scenes and its surface slickness aren’t enough to mask the indecision, condescension, and hollowness at its core.” 
    Maureen Ryan: Variety
  • “‘Westworld’ manages to make a compelling case that the vast world it’s building and the moral and ethical dilemmas it explores were worth the extra attention.” 
    Tim Goodman: The Hollywood Reporter
  • “‘Westworld’ gives you a lot to consider, and immerses you so completely in its manufactured reality that you’re never distracted from its complicated questions (…) After seeing the first four episodes, I’m very eager for more.” 
    Tim Molloy: The Wrap
  • “For those of us who just like story — lots and lots of story! — ‘Westworld’ will hit the spot as hard as ‘GoT’ ever did. Gosh, there’s a lot going on.” 
    Lucy Mangan: The Guardian
  • “Like the on-screen robots, its pieces are meticulously put together, its capacity to unleash hell brimming beneath the surface. And it’s beautiful to watch.” 
    Catherine Gee: Telegraph
  • “An enthralling glimpse into an all too near future (…) What makes ‘Westworld’ particularly unsettling is how plausible it all seems.” 
    Christopher Hooton: The Independent

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