Would you like to have FF91 with $5,000 deposit?

If you say yes, you should know that you will be one of almost 65,000 customers who made reservations shortly after unveiling its first car, the FF91, this week at CES in Las Vages.

Faraday Future at CES 2017 unveiled its FF91, an electric vehicle that’s designed with artificial intelligence, design and connectivity.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an integral role in the progression of self-driving vehicles on public roads.

Faraday Future’s promise revolves around machine learning and artificial intelligence. It’s equipped with artificial intelligence and self-driving capabilities. The car learns continuously through its own artificial intelligence, and adapts to the driver’s preferences.

FF91 electric car can go from 0-60mph in 2.39 SECONDS, faster than Tesla’s models and drive over 400 miles on a single charge.


However, the company also hasn’t said how much the car costs, the cost of this car is expected to be around $200,000 .

Faraday Future is funded by Chinese entrepreneur Jia Yueting, who also leads LeEco, the so-called Netflix of China.

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